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Cali cabinet box / kitchen cabinet

Cali cabinet box / kitchen cabinet


Perfect fit for the kitchen cabinet in the VW T5 / T6 / T6.1 California Coast and Ocean.

These high-quality boxes are made of high-density felt and are made to fit the kitchen cabinet in the VW California.

Hard as wood and still felt.

A special manufacturing technique makes the felt extremely stable.
Nevertheless, it retains its properties as felt.
ultra light / doesn't rattle / doesn't smell


300% more storage space than standard drawers.
The two boxes offer a total of more than 44 liters of storage space.

INFO: An original VW drawer comes with just 7 liters storage volume.




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Durch die sehr große Nachfrage kann es bei einzelnen Boxen zu Lieferengpässen kommen.

Aktuell ist mit folgenden Lieferzeiten zu rechnen:

• VW T5/T6/T6.1
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• MB Marco Polo
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Technische Daten

Right cabinet (under the sink)
storage volume:
44 liters (1 x 18 / 1 x 26 liters)

Size / outside (W/D/H):

Usable inside dimensions (W/D/H):


Left cabinet (below the hob)
storage volume:
44 liters (4 x approx. 11 liters)

Size / outside (W/D/H):

Usable inside dimensions (W/D/H):


Highly compressed special felt

Technical characteristics:
- not swelling
- insensitive to moisture

The boxes can be cleaned dry or damp if necessary.
Even with a complete measurement, the material loses neither its dimensional accuracy nor its stability.
However, permanent wetness or moisture should be avoided to prevent mold growth.


1 cupboard box 26 liters (lower compartment) 1 cupboard box 18 liters (middle compartment) - 4 pieces sliding strips

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