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Tailgate bag (VW T5/T6/T6.1)

Tailgate bag (VW T5/T6/T6.1)

A special highlight for the VW Transporter

What makes this pocket visor so awesome?

Old bezel out. Put a new panel in = a lot of extra storage space
This space miracle is simply clipped into the attachment points of the previously removed original panel. The cavities of the tailgate are then accessible through the zippers and can be used as storage space.
In addition, there are many small zipped pockets for small items.

And the highlight: The attachment points for the ultra-light privacy curtain are already in the middle for quick deployment.
(see suggestions - below)

Just awesome!

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Technische Daten

Base plate: soft PVC plate Surface: PVC The material is resistant to mold and does not absorb moisture.


Tailgate paneling with zip pockets Fixing material The bag with the shower curtain (centre) is not included in the scope of delivery and can be ordered separately.

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