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Ovheo | the ultimate camping oven

Ovheo | the ultimate camping oven

2 years of development and countless tests have paid off. Our partner Marc Maier has just launched the first series of his Ovheo® camping oven.
A great part, whose development we were able to accompany a bit and are therefore all the more pleased to be able to offer it here.

Why this oven is the top hammer!

He can not only bake bread rolls. It is also suitable for pizza and baked goods and even the standard disposable baking pan (for fish dishes, lasagne, etc.) fits in completely. So you can be really lazy while camping and simply treat yourself to something from the refrigerated section :-)

The oven is operated with a standard gas cooker. It doesn't really matter which model you use. Whether fixed cooking area or portable cooker. The Ovheo® is simply placed on top.

The big hit is the pack size. When dismantled, the packet, which is slightly larger than DIN A4, is just 10 mm thick.

Thanks to the inventor:
Thank you very much, dear Marc, for letting my wish for the disposable baking molds flow into your mind. It's always a celebration to talk shop with you about technical finesse.

Even more Ovheo and accessories are available from the inventor and manufacturer:

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Technische Daten

Assembled dimensions: 285mm x 236mm x 243mm (HxWxD) Disassembled dimensions: 285mm x 243mm x 10mm (HxWxD) Weight without bag: 4040g Material: Stainless steel 1.4301


- ovheo kit (18 pieces) - carrying case - instruction manual

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