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UPnGO roof tent lift

UPnGO roof tent lift

Lift & storage system with one-person operation.

The UPnGO roof tent lift is available in three lifting heights and is suitable for ALL common roof tents.

Store your roof tent:
The roof tent is stored and fixed upright on the UPnGO. It can be driven through almost any garage or cellar door and stored there.
With an optionally available tent hood, everything can even be stored in the carport or even outdoors.

Lifting and assembling your roof tent:
To lift the roof tent onto your vehicle, simply roll the UPnGO next to the vehicle. The telescopic mast is extended using a cordless screwdriver and automatically threads itself into the docking adapter supplied.
Now the roof tent is raised. Also with the cordless screwdriver.

Once at the top, the tent can be easily pushed onto the vehicle roof by hand and placed in the correct position.

Dismantle your roof tent:
It works the same the other way around. After the journey, the lifting system is simply rolled back next to the vehicle and docked with the cordless screwdriver. The roof tent is then pushed onto the load carrier and lowered with the cordless screwdriver.

Available sizes / lifting heights:
see "Technical Data"

After dismantling, the roof tent can simply remain on the UPnGO.
So it can be stored safely and comfortably - until the next trip.

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Vehicle height (incl. roof rack)
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Technische Daten

Compatible roof tent sizes: L x W x H = 2,300 x 1,650 x 380 mm Minimum roof tent width = 1,200 mm Maximum weight of the roof tent = 100 KG Compatible vehicle roof heights including roof rack: (measured from the roadway to the top edge of the roof rack) L = 1,770 to 2,180 mm (Large SUV, off-road vehicle, transporter, also with lift...) M= 1,620 to 2,030 mm (Medium station wagon, crossover, Caddy or similar...) S= 1,470 to 1,880 mm (Small station wagon or crossover ...) Lifting mechanism : gear with external drive (cordless screwdriver) dead weight of the lift system: 65 kg size without roof tent: LxWxH = 1,000 x 800 x 1,800 (1,500) packaging size on delivery (WxDxH): 1200 x 800 x 1,700 to 2,000 mm)


Scope of delivery - UPnGO roof tent lift - Docking adapter for car roof racks - Universal clamps for roof racks (crossbeam) from 30 to 80 mm width - Drive adapter for the cordless screwdriver

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