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VanHeat 90 / standard round connection

VanHeat 90 / standard round connection

Make yourself cuddly!!!

The VanHeat 90 is a heater extension for all parking heaters with a round air outlet (ø90 mm).

It lengthens the auxiliary heater's air duct and brings warm air directly into the sleeping roof. The VanHeat not only ensures a warm bed, but also a dry bedroom when it gets wet and clammy for a few days.

The VanHeat can be docked directly to the 50° North sleeping board with the bayonet adapter. But you can also use it individually if the warm air is needed somewhere else.

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More information:
50°Nord sleeping boards can be ordered directly from the factory with a bayonet connection for attaching a heating hose. The CaliHeat can be easily docked to the sleeping board with the bayonet connection. The warm air from the parking heater is then fed directly into the sleeping roof of the VW T5, T6 or T6.1 California using a warm air hose. If the VanHeat is not in use, the bayonet connection in the sleeping board can be closed with the cover supplied.

You already have a sleeping board and would like to retrofit a VanHeat?
No problem. Simply select the retrofit set.

Do you already have a heating hose?
Also no problem. With the bayonet ring (see below) you can easily convert your existing heating hose (ø hose ø 100 mm) for the sleeping board.

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Technische Daten

Material: Bayonet catch = Polypropylene Adapter ring = Polylactide Size: Hose connection ø 100mm (inside) Info: Polylactide (also called polylactic acid) is a plastic made entirely from renewable and natural raw materials such as corn starch.


(1) VanHeat for sleeping board: VanHeat with bayonet connection heating hose approx. 3.2 m VW adapter for B-pillar __________________________ (2) CaliHeat with fan: like (1) but including an adjustable 12V fan

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