• Directly from the manufacturer 50°Nord

    “50°Nord Originals” are created in our in-house think tank and are manufactured exclusively for us in-house and by selected partners. Whether it is a 50° original or a partner product, you can always find it under the product photo.

  • Not from us but also cool...

    Under the motto "everything from a single source" you will find here, in addition to the original 50°Nord products, cool products and innovations from other inventors and partners, which we don't want to withhold from you.

    So you don't have to search for long and you can order everything right here.

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  • more information about the 50°Originals

    50° Originals are created by ide-tec KG, the innovative think tank based in Siegerland. Right in the border triangle of North Rhine-Westphalia, RLP and Hesse.

    ide-tec is an inventor workshop and constantly designs, plans and develops solutions for the small and large problems of everyday life.

    This is how new equipment and accessories for campers, mobile homes and other touring vehicles are constantly being created for the camping and van life sector. Such as our Vanlife indoor shower for campervans with a pop-up roof or the sleeping board as a bed extension for the sleeping roof in the touring van.

  • more information about the 50° partner products

    Our partners also have great ideas and products that should not be neglected. That's why we founded the product area "50° Partner Products". In addition to our originals, you will also find cool products and innovations from other inventors, inventors and professionals here. From the rear tent to the roof tent heater to fly nets and window bags, our partners offer a constantly growing range of great equipment for a successful camping trip.