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shower set | Cordless shower standard

shower set | Cordless shower standard

Shower set with rechargeable battery and USB charging

This shower set is a highly practical addition to the Vanlife indoor shower.

But it can also be used independently for any other situation where showering, cleaning or simply pumping or decanting water.

The adjustable shower head is optimal and very important for showering in the vehicle. The water jet can be selectively switched on and off by pressing the spray disc. So no water is lost unnecessarily.

The battery is housed directly in the pump and can be removed for charging. This means that there is no annoying tangle of cables.

You can order a battery to change here at the same time.
So you are guaranteed to always have power in the shower.

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Technische Daten

Weight approx. 0.65 kg Hose length: approx. 1,800 mm Battery capacity: 2200 mA Charging time per battery approx. 3.5 hours


Battery pump Battery 2200 mA 2nd battery on request Shower hose Shower head (with water stop function) Fastening hook Storage bag

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