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Module 50 / Molle insert

Module 50 / Molle insert

The Molle insert is used to hold bags and equipment with a fastening system according to the military Molle standard. It consists of a highly robust, military-tested nylon material with attached carrying loops in the standardized Molle grid.

INFO: Molle inserts can also be used later with a little manual skill. The standard panel is simply removed and the MOLLE panel inserted - that's it.
All standard boxes can also be retrofitted with Molle loops, sliding doors or zip inserts.

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Technische Daten

Materials: - high-performance backpack nylon - carrying straps made of nylon webbing - carrier plate made of aluminum composite - inside with needle felt


Available sizes width x height (size of the box): Short wall: - 300 x 300 - 300 x 400 - 300 x 500 Long wall: - 600 x 300 - 600 x 400 - 600 x 500

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