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travel hygiene

Here you will find accessories and practical helpers for your daily hygiene needs. Whether you want to shower in the vehicle or prefer to wash outside. Here you will find useful information for a vanlife trip that is a success.

Do it right - so that your road trip is a clean affair!
• Collect your wastewater
• Do not dispose of anything into running water
• Only use biologically compatible products
• Don't leave trash behind

FAQ and useful tips

Can I use organic soap directly in nature?

No way!

Organic certificates usually relate to the ingredients and confirm that the product is free of preservatives and petroleum-based ingredients and uses mostly natural ingredients from organic farming.

This is of course very good and speaks clearly for these products.
However, this does not mean that they can be used in an environmentally friendly way. Because even biologically derived substances, especially surfactants in detergents and soaps, are mostly foreign to nature and can have a severely damaging effect.

What does "biodegradable" actually mean?

During the biological degradation of organic substances, the substances are microbially converted into carbon dioxide, water, mineral salts and biomass.

According to the Detergents Ordinance (EG No. 648/200), surfactants, such as those found in detergents (including organic soaps), must be able to be broken down by 60% under laboratory conditions within 28 days.

This means that a sewage treatment plant is able to bring about this biological degradation.
In the wild, things are different. While sewage treatment plants work under controlled conditions, there are strongly varying influences in nature, such as temperature, season, oxygen content of the soil or water, etc.

Why should I collect my waste water?

Wastewater does not belong in the environment for the reasons mentioned above.

Not even if so-called organic soaps or fully biodegradable products are used.

NEVER discharge your sewage into open bodies of water.

If possible, use waste water inlets provided for this purpose.

Definitely use organic products. Because organic is still better, of course.

Find out whether your detergent is really suitable and how to dispose of it properly.


We will delve deeper into this topic and collect information, products and tips on this. Anyone who can contribute something technically and scientifically sound is cordially invited to write to us.