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Module 50 - washing station (PremiumWash)

Module 50 - washing station (PremiumWash)

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SKU: M5-WA-sw


Mobile hand wash basin in module 50 design
Compatible and stackable with the Modul 50 system and Euronorm containers from all manufacturers.

- Robust module 50 aluminum profile housing

- Insulated fresh and waste water tank.

- Electric emptying system
(The tank can be emptied when installed)

- Integrated shower hose

- 24 liters of fresh water

- 24 liter waste water tank

- Can be heated on request
A 12V heating cartridge heats the water to approx. 38°C

Instructions (PDF)

video tutorials

Technical specifications

Size: 400 x 600 x 600 mm (WxDxH) Washbasin size: 300 x 350 mm Capacity 5 liters Projection, open 260 mm Fresh water tank: 24 liters Gray water tank: 24 liters Shower hose length: 1500 mm

scope of delivery

- Washing unit in module 50 construction - Water tap - Shower hose assembled ready for use

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