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50° sleeping board / Mercedes Marco Polo

50° sleeping board / Mercedes Marco Polo

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SKU: SB-002-MB-B0


The sleeping area extension for the Mercedes Marco Polo provides significantly more sleeping space in the sleeping roof. The pillow can be positioned where the climb-through normally begins.

You receive:

- up to 30 cm more legroom

- up to 10 cm more space above the knee (when turning at night)

- No more falling pillows

- Plenty of storage space

- overall a significant increase in comfort

For sleeping, the sleeping board is simply inserted into the access opening in front of the bed in the sleeping roof. The ultra-light construction made of robust honeycomb material is highly stable and supports your weight as you climb. Ultra light and foldable, the sleeping board can be stored anywhere or simply remain in the folding roof when it is closed.

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Technical specifications

Material - board: core = honeycomb (hollow chamber honeycomb profile) cover = needle felt material - support bar: support bar = aluminum cover = needle felt size: laid out = 1,230 x 660 x 13 mm folded = 660 x 310 x 56 mm

scope of delivery

- Sleeping board (foldable) - Support bracket with magnet lock (is glued in the area of the USB socket) - Installation instructions Installation time approx. 5 minutes Required tools: NONE

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