FAQ and useful tips

Where do you store the sleeping board?

The sleeping board can remain in the pop-up roof.

It does not work? - Yet :-)

Every pop-up roof has a cavity that is usually unknown and cannot normally be used. But the sleeping board fits right in there. Simply place the sleeping board in the unfolded state, lengthwise, exactly in the middle of the bed. The tent bellows folds automatically to the left and right of it and the roof can be closed without any problems.

Can you connect a heating hose?

Extensions for the parking heater such as our VanHeat or the CaliHeat can be coupled directly to the sleeping board with a bayonet adapter. You can either order the bayonet adapter at the same time or retrofit it later.
You can see how the retrofit works in our video tutorial.

YouTube Video > Retrofit bayonet

How to clean the sleeping board?

The sleeping board can be cleaned wet or dry. Simply brush the board dry or rub with a damp cloth. In extreme cases, you can even clean it under running water. However, you should not get it too wet, as the water can penetrate the honeycomb core.
It doesn't do any damage though. But then it takes a correspondingly long time until everything has dried up again.

Kann die Leiste auch geklebt werden?

Wenn eine Auflageleiste für die Montage am Bettrahmen mitgeliefert wird, so ist diese in der Regel zu Verschrauben oder zu klemmen.
Welche Technik für Ihr Board vorgesehen ist, finden Sie in der Gebrauchsanleitung Ihres Schlafboardsg.

Wird gemäß Anleitung eine Verschraubung vorgegeben, so empfehlen wir dies unbedingt zu tun.

Eine Verklebung erreicht nicht dieselbe Haltbarkeit. Wenn die Leiste montiert ist, greift man, beim Aufsteigen unbewusst danach, hält sich daran fest oder stützt sich darauf ab. Eine Verklebung kann sich dabei lösen, was zu Verletzungen führen kann.

Do you really have to drill?

The sleeping board itself does not need any screws or holes.

However, some vehicles require a support bar to be attached to the bed frame. But not all vehicles have to be drilled.
Many vehicle types do not require a screw connection or already have appropriate bores that can be used.
Where screwing is required, such as with the VW California, self-drilling screws are included in the scope of delivery. These are simply screwed in with a cordless screwdriver. Pre-drilling is not necessary.

No screws are ever screwed on the vehicle itself or on the roof frame.

For which vehicles is the sleeping board available?

The sleeping board is currently available for all VW California, Mercedes Marco Polo, Horizon and Activity as well as the Opel and Toyota Crosscamp from Dethleffs and the Peugeot Campster and Vanster from Pössl.

The sleeping board is also available for many vehicles with roofs from SCA, MS-Components and REIMO.

If you can't find what you're looking for in the list above, ask your builder or vehicle manufacturer or write to our team.

Can I get a custom order?

Yes, that is possible. If this custom-made product can be produced with our means, we can realize it for you.
Simply select the item "CUSTOMmade" and order. You will then receive a measurement data sheet from us, with which you can tell us your measurements and wishes. We will then check it and get back to you.