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Rear carrier conversion kit

Rear carrier conversion kit

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Suitable for existing original VW bike carriers or Thule Wanderway rear carriers.

This allows you to easily convert your original VW T6.1 rear carrier into a full-fledged spare wheel carrier. The adjustable spare wheel well accommodates tires up to a size of 255/65/18. The spare wheel holder is therefore also suitable for higher VW buses with larger wheels. Because with these, the wheel unfortunately does not fit in the spare wheel recess under the vehicle. A "third" brake light is included in the complete set and ensures that you are clearly seen even with a saddled spare wheel.

The replacement canister shown and the holder for it are NOT included in the scope of delivery.

It is purely a kit.
All necessary work on the vehicle and on the original VW rear carrier must be carried out yourself.
Manual dexterity is required.
It has to be drilled on the original carrier. (2 holes ø 5 mm)

Instructions (PDF)

video tutorials

Technical specifications

Spare wheel mount for wheels up to ... width up to 255 mm ø up to 740 mm for example 255 / 55 / 18 _ 235 / 65 / 17 and similar

scope of delivery

Variant / complete set: - spare wheel recess - connecting struts - brake light - assembly kit - blind rivets - screws and clamp fasteners - cable clamps for connecting the brake light to the vehicle's cable harness. - Crimp connector - Retaining clamps for the third brake light ___________________________ Variant / Wheel recess only: - Wheel recess - Connecting struts - Screws and clamp fasteners ___________________________ Required tools: - Cordless screwdriver / drill - Drill - Blind rivet pliers - Combination pliers - Crimping pliers for crimp connectors - Hot air gun, torch or blowtorch for shrink hoses - Usual hand tool

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