UPnGO roof tent lift & storage system

Who lifts a 100 kilo roof tent onto a car roof without outside help???

You! - with the UPnGO lift and storage system for roof tents.

One-person operation
A single person can mount a roof tent weighing up to 120 kg onto a high vehicle roof with almost no effort. High-lift gears and supporting gas springs make this possible.

Lifting, assembly & storage
The UPnGO roof tent lift is not just for lifting. Storage is also no problem. The roof tent simply remains on the mobile lifting system. This means it can be stored and moved comfortably and in a space-saving manner.

Fits through every door
The maximum size including the roof tent is only 780 x 1,850 mm (WxH). This means it fits through almost any cellar or garage door.

  • For every vehicle

    Lifting heights from 1,470 to 2,180 mm cover all vehicle sizes from station wagons to vans. Universal adapters ensure problem-free docking to roof racks of various types.

  • For every roof tent

    Roof tents weighing up to 120 kg are no problem. No matter whether hard shell, soft top or hybrid. The roof tent lift can be individually adjusted to the size and shape of the tent.

  • No assembly

    It is delivered fully assembled and ready for immediate use. After a few settings you can start immediately.

  • Made in Germany

    High-quality components and production in our own production facility in the heart of Germany ensure maximum quality.

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FAQ and useful tips

Which roof tents can be used.

There are no restrictions here. We are currently NOT aware of ANY roof tent with which it does not work.

For which vehicles can the roof tent lift be used?

In principle, the UPnGO can be used for any vehicle up to 2,180 mm in height (including roof rack).

YouTube Video > Retrofit bayonet

Which roof racks can be used?

Almost all roof rack systems can be used. The best way is to use crossbars that protrude a little over your own console or the roof rails.
You will find detailed information on this in the checklist and in the video.

Does the UPnGO fit through a normal cellar door?

Yes this is not a problem.
The system is only 750 mm wide and a maximum of 1800 mm high. So it fits through almost every basement or garage door.

And that too when the roof tent is stored on it.

Is that also possible with a permanently mounted off-road roof rack?

That depends on the roof rack.
For the CargoBear, for example, we have special roof adapters.
(See accessories)

Most roof racks, especially off-road, have mounting options and grooves for accessories. An adapter for the UPnGO can often be mounted directly here.
Your off-road outfitter can usually do this at the same time.
If in doubt, just ask our team or your off-road outfitter.